E-Commerce is booming in China. It represents around 35% of the overall retail market and China’s global e-commerce share is expected to reach 50% by 2020. In 2016, China’s e-commerce transactions accounted for US$2.1 trillion alongside a 25 percent year on year growth. 

Now is the time to start selling your products through e-commerce platforms in China.


China is now the largest internet market in the world with more than 800 million users, with a penetration rate of 64% of the population. 
A lot of Chinese consumers live in small, third tier cities and they find it significantly easier to shop online and gives them access to products they couldn’t find before.
Cost comparisons are also one of the most powerful buying triggers for Chinese consumers. They can escape crowded malls and receive their products much faster than in the West due to an incredibly advanced and extensive delivery infrastructure. 
E-commerce platforms are also growing more developed, user friendly and embracing digital payments for the consumer’s ease and convenience.

We currently have stores on the following platforms

If you’re looking to sell your products on the B2C market, Tmall & JD are very powerful and can’t be avoided.
If you’re selling in B2B, then go to Alibaba which is still dominating  in terms of revenue with a 44.13% of market share, followed by HC360 (4.86%) and Global Sources (4.69%).