China has a unique social & digital landscape which changes the way they interact with marketing content  and consume products. Thanks to the Great Firewall of China, almost every online service we are familiar with is displaced by a Chinese alternative and your current strategies may not be relevant in this fast changing market. The China Principle can help you navigate this complex environment to achieve the best possible results.

SOCIAL media

We can help you create a potent social media strategy, set up your social media presence, seed and publish content through the social channels, includingWeibo (equivalent of Facebook and Twitter in China), WeChat (mobile communication and private social networking app), Renren (equivalent of Facebook) and Youku (equivalent of YouTube).

Search & PPC

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, with approximately 63%  market share. SEO & SEM here is essential, but we also offer PPC services within the ecommerce platforms themselves - JD, Taobao, etc.

KOLs (KEY opinion leaders)

Chinese KOL’s (or Influencers) are followed by millions of people on Chinese social media. Brands that have leveraged KOLs have had huge success in China. We'll help you find the ones who will resonate better with your brand and give you better ROI.


There are around 80,000 Daigous in Australia selling quality Australian goods back into China. In 2016, it was estimated to be a staggering $2.5 billion industry. Most operate through  extensive WeChat networks, and we can help you access many of these.