YOU WILL have access to multiple stores on the following platforms

The China Principle can put your product on ecommerce stores (both ours and our strategic partners) on a variety of platforms, including:

China's #1 Online Retailer

600 million monthly users

'Little Red Book' 100M users

China's #1 Imported Product Retailer

Accessing the SOCIAL power
of Daigou

The Daigou (means 'buying on behalf of') market is Chinese people buying sought-after products off the shelves of Australian retailers and sending them back to friends and family in China. The more sophisticated Daigous have become 'Giftstores' where they buy goods wholesale, repack them and sending them direct to homes in China.


O2O is an area integrating online ecommerce with the offline world. Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma calls it the 'New Retail' bringing together the best of all worlds - price, convenience, selection and experience - for new and established brands in the China Market.

Strategic partners

Our extensive Strategic Partnerships brings you the best of logistics, market insights, China based customer service and much more.